The Room (2003) Drinking Game

Drinking Game

How to play:

1. Assign a team number to each player (team 1 up to team 5). Start with the person sitting most left of the screen assigned to team 1, then count up.

2. If you have more than 5 players, start at team 1 again after you reach team 5.

3. Drink according to your team number rules listed in the drinking game.

4. Everyone drinks with the All option.

Drinking Game


A bona fide classic of midnight cinema, Tommy Wiseau's misguided masterpiece subverts the rules of filmmaking with a boundless enthusiasm that renders such mundanities as acting, screenwriting, and cinematography utterly irrelevant. You will never see a football the same way again. "Rotten Tomatoes"

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The Room - Full Length Trailer
Tommy Wiseau
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Can you ever really trust anyone?
Drama Romance


The Room - Full Length Trailer
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